Lesson plan for Oct 21: Publication

Lesson Plan 10/21 Format for submitting stories: Submit stories in a word document: Not google docs or email. Your name and a date listed in the top left corner. Include a possible title for each story. Keeping track of submissions: Google doc: Ohio State students and our editors will have access to this. This will […]

Lesson Plan No. 3!

Lesson No. 3 – Incorporating Quotes, Attribution, etc. etc… Incorporating Quotes (11:30:00 – 11:44:55) Ask students what they believe a quote is. –          Word for word. –          Not taken out of context. (example of out of contextness) How do we put quotes into our story? –          Own paragraph –          How to lead into/introduce them –          […]

For Monday…

Hey guys, In talking with my students this week, I had two ideas to help with the process. 1. Could we amass all the story ideas so we make sure that two students aren’t doing the same thing? It’d also help with general accountability. 2. On Monday, as part of the interviewing crash course, we […]

Meeting Our Staff

What a wonderful hour spent today talking service learning and the goals of our Internship with my language and journalism students. Looks like we have seven journalists (including a few with language expertise), and representatives from French and Spanish. We will meet once more at Ohio State before embarking on our CNIS visits beginning Sept. […]