Making News the Columbus International Way

Welcome to the Columbus International Service Learning Internship Course, where we will take the skills that we have learned here at Ohio State into a community that needs us.

This project, funded by a grant from Ohio’s State’s Service Learning Initiative, is bringing together top students from the School of Communication’s Public Affairs Journalism major and the most ambitious students from the French and Spanish language departments to help the Columbus North International School create its first school newspaper.

But this paper will be more than just students telling stories. Along with journalism skills, we will help these students utilize second languages that many of them have been studying since kindergarten. We will teach them how to shoot news and feature photos, and edit videos. We will teach them to constructively use social media for news gathering and sharing.

We will use our community to build another community in a school just establishing itself in a new community, where students come from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, and where communication between students and school families is limited.

Thank you for signing up to join this endeavor. The fun is just beginning.


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