Lesson Plan #1 – What is a story?

What is a story?

Story = news!

  • Break up into small groups, come up with definition of story to share with the class.
  • A story consists of newsworthy events, people, places, things.
  • Examples from today?

What is newsworthy?

  • PPITCH! (Examples of good example and bad example of each)
  • Prominence – How important is it?  Is someone involved really important, or does it affect a lot of people?  If I miss class today, is that a story?  How about if President Obama misses a meeting (with, I don’t know, the leader of Russia?)
  • Proximity – Happening close to you, depends on your audience.  What would be close to CNIS?
  • Impact (Consequence) – What’s going to happen because of this event, person, thing?  If a new student moves in, does that have as much of an impact as if a new principal moves in?
  • Timeliness – Is it happening now?  Are we going to report a story that happened in April vs. a story that happened yesterday?  What if something new happened yesterday involving that story that happened in April?
  • Conflict – No one would watch a movie where everything goes right!  Conflict is two people wanting opposite things.  Are we going to write a story about the PTO and the principal getting along or about the PTO and the principal disagreeing?
  • Human interest – What makes this interesting to us as people?  What’s going on in our world?

At this point their attention span is waning, so I’ll turn it over to the small groups.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Plan #1 – What is a story?

  1. This looks thorough enough without getting to be too much information, so congrats on that. I am minutely worried that your examples of a good story are all about adults in power rather than student news, for example you favor a story about a president missing a meeting over a student missing class, etc. I see where you’re going but I want to make sure the students feel like they can make their experiences into worthy news material. So maybe an example of a better story could be: If I miss a class today, is it a story? What if my entire grade misses a class? What if the President misses a meeting?

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