For Monday…

Hey guys,

In talking with my students this week, I had two ideas to help with the process.

1. Could we amass all the story ideas so we make sure that two students aren’t doing the same thing? It’d also help with general accountability.

2. On Monday, as part of the interviewing crash course, we could get our students to jot down a few individuals they’d like to interview and have the students come up with questions for their interviews ?(Because interview questions directed towards the Principal will be completely different in tone than questions for their classmates)


2 thoughts on “For Monday…

  1. I definitely agree! And also, regarding the people the students will be interviewing, I think we need to find more “official” people they can interview other than just the principal. Of course he knows a lot, but I had 2 students tell me that when they tried to interview him at different times, he said he was busy. He is only going to get more busy with so many of them wanting to interview him. I don’t know if this will really be a problem, but I just wanted to put it out there.

    • I agree completely, but he is unfortunately, the only person who knows a lot of these answers. There is an asst. who covers the middle school (Lisa Munnerlyn). I will ask Mr. Kim what he suggests.

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