Lesson plan for Oct 21: Publication

Lesson Plan 10/21

Format for submitting stories: Submit stories in a word document: Not google docs or email. Your name and a date listed in the top left corner.

Include a possible title for each story.

Keeping track of submissions: Google doc: Ohio State students and our editors will have access to this. This will act as our budget and a way of keeping tabs on your work as well as important stories

Due dates: This first round of stories was very lenient. After things are published online, we need to be more attentive to due dates. It looks bad to readers when a website isn’t populated with stories.

Titles of stories: Stories need titles. I’d like to show some titles from a lantern to show how “soccer game” or “pep rally” isn’t a title! Only first letter capitalized.

Photos and importance of

Minimum Standards:  Came across a list of “minimum requirments” set by a writer at the Baytown Texas Sun. I copied the most relevant and adjusted them to fit our publication.

i.      Meet copy deadlines

ii.      Include at least two sources on every story, unless exempted by an editor

iii.      Learn the stylebook: numbers, quotes, sources!  We cannot publish stories with unattributed quotes!

iv.      Spell check copy before filing

v.      ALWAYS check on any action taken following executive session

vi.      If you break a story, follow it

vii.      If you are absent (sick or emergency), make sure your event is covered

viii.      Check out with editor(s) before leaving for the day: know your assignments and where you stand

Inverted Pyramid Checklist: the writing levels of these stories vary and we all know it is an ongoing process but I think laying this out or making handouts could be extremely helpful.

    1. http://www.nclack.k12.or.us/cms/lib6/OR01000992/Centricity/Domain/1073/Basic%20News%20Writing.pdf
    2. http://thhs.qc.enschool.org/ourpages/auto/2011/11/2/37471091/Inverted%20Pyramid%20Checklist.pdf

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