Nov. 18 Lesson Plan

The Function/ Importance of Sources in Stories – 5 min

-Sources give information

-Sources give opinions

-If the author is trying to show a certain viewpoint they need to do that through their sources

-That being said, need to be varied so that you can cover all aspects of a story

Attributes of a Knowledgeable, Quality Source? – 5 min

-Knowledgeable of the subject matter

-Able to answer the question you are asking

-Not random

-Willing to speak with you and give you their personal information (name, year, etc.)

How Do You Find These Sources? – 5 min

-First you need to know your question

-Think of people who would be able to answer your question


-Find one person who can answer your question, use that to build more sources

-Not every source you talk too is worth putting in your story

Asking good questions – 5 min

-Open-ended v. Yes/No

-The story is often defined by the information you get from sources

-How to have great interviews?

-Have a list of questions before the interview

-Structure your questions

-Ask follow-ups

Mock Interview – 10 min

-I am going to give the students a story

-They will quickly formulate questions

-I will be their main source and

-Corporately, the students will be the interviewer and I will be their interviewee


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